Campground Website Design is Important
Campground Website Design
Aaron Newnham

Aaron Newnham

I’m a digital marketing specialist who loves to camp. I have a 27 foot Jayco Trailer that I enjoy with my wife and kids. 

Campground Website Design is Important

In today’s digital age, having accessible online information is crucial. Just having a website isn’t enough.

Your campground website design needs to be geared toward making your potential guest want to interact and engage with you. Let’s take a look at what not to do when creating a campground website. 

If you’re a campground, or RV park owner, you’ve probably read this far for a few reasons:

  • You want to learn how to optimize your campground website to generate more engagement and ultimately bookings.
  • You’re worried that your campground website design is lacking and you’d like some tips to improve the overall look and feel of your site.

Your guests don’t want to engage with unattractive content. Think of your website design it’s content in the eyes of your guests, is it a pleasant experience? Is it easy to navigate and find the info you need? If somebody looked at it and felt the same way you just felt, do you think they would stay and interact with it?

Start by thinking of all the things you dislike about websites you’ve visited in the past.

1. Domain name choice

Making your campground website domain name memorable and recognizable is important. A simple domain like website.com rather than randomwebsite123.org will be easier to remember and will perform better in local searches. A consumer’s first impression of a website is largely design-related, so it makes sence that your domain is neat, tidy and engaging too.

2. Slow loading

As internet users, we’ve all been trained to move on from slow loading websites. We hate waiting. It takes guests a split second to form an opinion about your website. That tiny amount of time shouldn’t be spent waiting for your content to load. Worse still, if there is a long delay between different pages, they are going to get increasingly annoyed.

Here is the worst case scenario: You have a guest who is ready to book, they start the booking process but become frustrated with the long load times between actions, they get fed up with waiting and leave.

3. Confusing and overwhelming campground website design

Ideally, you want your guest to find the info they are looking for within 3 clicks. Keep each page simple and focus on important topics or focal points your audience can engage with. With plenty of guests abandoning a campground website due to poor design, you can’t afford to hide your crucial information in text-garbage. Don’t lose guests because they can’t find where you hid the crucial information they’re looking for.

4. Videos that Autoplay

While video content is encouraged and should absolutely be part of your content strategy, videos or music that automatically plays is disruptive and intrusive. If you have videos on your main page, great! Just make sure you let people click the play button on their own. At the very least, it will give consumers a chance to silence their other music and video sources before they listen.

5. Non responsive websites

One the most critical but wide spread issues with campground websites, is responsiveness. Making your website reshape its self to suit the screen of the device it’s being viewed on is critical! If guests don’t realize your website actually operates differently on their smaller screen, you’ve done something right.


Your website content is one of your most important marketing tools. Whether or not people engage can mean the difference between bookings for your campground or your competitors. It’s worth it to take the time to make your website beautiful.


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