FREE social media tools for campgrounds
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Aaron Newnham

Aaron Newnham

I’m a digital marketing specialist who loves to camp. I have a 27 foot Jayco Trailer that I enjoy with my wife and kids. 

FREE social media tools for campgrounds!

Product Overview

Social Marketing is a unique social media management solution that allows you to manage your campgrounds social media presence. It gives you the ability to grow your  fan base and turn online leads into raving customers. Specifically, you can:

  • Generate Leads on social media in real-time and quickly respond to them.
  • Provide customer service using Customer Posts.
  • Use Content to find relevant and interesting content to re-post on social media.
  • Post to multiple social media accounts and schedule posts in advance.


1. Customer Posts

Customer Posts highlights posts, comments, and replies on your social media accounts and allows you to like or respond in-line. This allows you to provide superior customer service and improve customer and follower engagement and retention.


2. Leads

The Leads tab allows you to search and monitor tweets on Twitter to find those ready to book. Simply enter a phrase that potential guests would use to express their interest. For example, “RV Park” + “booking” to find people in the area who are looking to book.


Campground Social Media Posting tool

3. Content

The Content tab helps you find interesting and relevant content to republish on social media.


4. Posts

In Recent Posts, you will see recently published posts, including those posted directly from the social media site. Click Delete Post on a post to remove it from that social network.

In Scheduled Posts, you can view the posts that are scheduled to go out in the future. You can delete or edit a post before it’s published.

In Calendar, you can see all recent and scheduled posts in a convenient easy-to-use calendar view. In Drafts, you can tab you can view, edit, or publish any posts you’ve been working on.



5. Compose

Use the red Composer button to publish and schedule posts with images, interesting content, and more.




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